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Links, referral organizations, and companies who have used or requested our work. U.S. Coast Guard, National Guard, AMICA, Allstate Insurance Company, ACE Marine Insurance, BOATUS, GEICO, Coventry Credit Union, Chubb Insurance Group, Hagerty Marine Insurance, MARKEL, Nationwide, Progressive, United Marine, Sun Trust, USAA, United Bank,  Bank of America, Bank of England, Chase Bank, Essex Credit, General Electric Financial Services, GMAC Financial Services, Trident Funding Corporation, US Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, American Marine Insurance, American Markell Insurance, Lloyd's Maritime Yacht Insurance, State Farm Insurance, Travelers Insurance Company, United Marine Underwriters, Zurich Marine Insurance. And many more.
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CODE of ETHICS and RECOMMENDED BUSINESS PRACTICES   I will conduct business in a professional manner, remembering that the client expects an educated, thorough, and honest appraisal of the condition of the vessel. I will avoid conflict of interest situations. I will keep informed on a continuing basis regarding industry standard practices. I will share new information with other marine surveyors, so as to enhance, educate, and broaden the field of study. Fishing Vessels Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass, and Wood, ANY SIZE Federal Fisheries Permit Appraisals  Introductory note to Lenders and Insurers   Thank you for taking the time to review my organization. Please read on if we have missed your organization in our ongoing communications effort. We have, over the years, made a strong effort to  contact all Lenders and Insurers who share our  interest in the various services we provide. Our work has been accepted by all the companies listed at left,. We have been reccomended by that group and many more.